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A view of the main entry to the building and the east side.
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The south facing front of the building overlooks an extensive green open space across the road.
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The west side of the building, shown here, abuts a residential condominium, while to the east, a rental apartment masses up adjacent to the building creating a defined street wall.
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Through negotiations with the adjacent residential rental housing owner, the previous long term care development registered a right of way across the adjacent property to allow to rear parking to be accessed by the adjacent driveway.
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The upper floor contains a half floor of suites, allowing for direct access to the outdoor terrace from the interior corridor. The public terrace is extensive, but also contains private terraces for two of the suites located at this level.
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Another view of the south facing roof terrace from the interior corridor.
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The ground floor residential amenity space looks across St. Clair to green space beyond.
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Another view of the amenity space, with the wood canopy visible at the adjacent ground level terrace.
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The suites, shown here close to occupancy, often provide delight with views that in some cases stretch to Lake Ontario.
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A typical two bedroom suite looking east.
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A south facing one bedroom suite.
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A view of the kitchen in the same south-facing one bedroom suite.