design impacting society
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Whatever project we are engaged in, we look for the opportunity for community investment. There are many ways that we can invest in a community; through exchange of ideas and mentorship, by creating local employment (which we have done in a number of projects), inviting community involvement and corporate partnerships, community consultation and creating a sense of ownership.

While architects typically rely upon the expertise of a large cast of supporting consultants to deliver a completed project, we also view our clients as principal collaborators in the development of our work.

For this reason, we view process as an important ingredient in the execution of our work. We seek to involve those affected by the final building, such as staff, end-users, and other stakeholders, in the process of the evolution of the building design.

One of the groups we have enjoyed collaborating with on several projects to date has been Public Displays of Affection, or PDA. PDA is a group of artists, designers and craftspeople who engage in the creation of supports such as furniture and other art for the community-at-large, often for those who would not otherwise be able to enjoy the pleasure and beauty of such work. Students from Sheridan's Bachelor of Craft and Design program have also played a role in some of this work.

To date, PDA has contributed to four of our projects, including 40 Oaks (top banner), Edmond Place, Emily's House, and YWCA’s Elm Centre.