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A view from the street to the front of the building.
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Approaching the main entry from the street, a new street carved out of the larger historic Don Jail site at time of the site redevelopment. The building historically faced Gerrard Street, however a steep climb to the historic entry from Gerrard, and the narrow width of the historic entry door meant using the historic entry was impractical.
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A new park, at the right of the photo, has been created adjacent to Emily’s House.
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A new terrace off the dining room overlooks the park, and provides access to the outdoors for children and their families.
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Here, a view of the west facade shows the relationship to the historic Governor’s House, the former residence of the Governor of the Don Jail.
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A closeup view of the terrace.
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A view from the southwest showing the Governor’s House and the new addition beyond.
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The former south-facing main entry to the now restored Governor’s House.
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A new pond filled with coloured marbles is visible from within the building.
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The main entry vestibule, with a bench and shelter from the west wind at the main entry.
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A view from the interior past the donations acknowledgement wall to the pond and street beyond.
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A small private family room adjacent to the terrace is provided for family members to use on their visits.
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A view of one of the bedrooms.
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An interior rainbow coloured stair leads to the rooftop interior meditation space overlooking the green roof.
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Large sliding doors open to permit a view from the meditation space (below) to the green roof (bottom photo, after planting).
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