In the past years we have been acknowledged as experts in the area of affordable housing. Our experience spans over a twenty year period, with a substantial body of recent work in this sector, for a wide range of agencies, providers, and municipal governments.

With the cancellation of social housing projects in the mid 1990s, Hilditch Architect was not satisfied to let any opportunity to build dignified, affordable and supportive housing slip away. With single minded purpose we pursued and developed ways to build housing within the limited means of non-profit organizations. Much of our work became the templates for recent housing programs.

We are committed to an inclusive consultation of all the stakeholders in the projects on which we work. We have had great success in developing consensus among our clients, project end users, neighbours, and other interested stakeholders, shepherding projects through the approval process and funding programs.

Given the complexity of our projects, the planning process and the general reluctance of communities to accept these projects into the community, we have only been forced to visit the OMB twice—and we won!

In 2002, we were recognized nationally for the CMHC Housing Awards Forum for Affordable Housing Innovations. In the Spring of 2004 we were selected to present two papers at an international conference entitled “Adequate and Affordable Housing for All”. We received an award from CMHC in 2006 for Best Practices in Affordable Housing. One of our projects was a finalist in the City of Toronto’s 2007 Environmental Award of Excellence in the Green Design category.

We remain strong advocates for our clients and for safe, affordable housing as a human right.
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