Exterior and Common Areas

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A view of the south elevation taken from across the street, with Church Street to the left of the image
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A view from the street corner, showing the preserved artwork near the building entry.
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A close up view from the mural from arrival to the main entry point.
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Looking north from the main entry.
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Looking south from the main entry.
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A view from the bike parking into the main lobby towards the elevators.
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A view into one of several support spaces on the first floor.
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A view of the largest of the indoor amenity spaces on the first floor.
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A view of the indoor amenity space on the top floor, adjacent to one of two large outdoor amenity spaces.
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A view of the top floor laundry room adjacent to a large indoor amenity space.
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Looking south from the rooftop outdoor amenity space.
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The building was initially designed with 2.4 m (7’-10”) from floor slab to underside of ceiling slab, restricting available headroom, and leading to an exposed slab and service distribution to maximize available height.
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The existing two elevators were small and not suited to use for a mother with children in a stroller or someone in a wheelchair. As a result, a new larger elevator compliant with accessibility requirements was added to the exterior of the building. The lobby view on the top floor shows the adjacent roof deck and parapet at the edge of the existing tower.

Suite Interiors

Residential suites occupy floors two through twelve. The following photos are representative of common suite interior views. Every suite on a floor is unique in layout due to unusual the building exterior configuration. There are a range of sizes from a single studio per floor to multiple one and two bedroom suites.
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Each suite on a floor of the building is unique, due to the unusual floor plate. This one bedroom suite is fairly typical of the 1BR suites in the building.
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A bedroom in a typical 1BR suite.
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Another 1BR suite.
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The kitchen dining living area in a 2BR suite.
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A secondary bedroom in a 2BR suite.
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The building has a range of accessible suites. This shows a typical bathroom in such suites.
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A view of the living dining kitchen area in a studio suite.
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A view from the sleeping area (which can be closed off with sliding doors) to the living dining kitchen area in a studio suite.