Stacks Image 62
A view of the front elevation of the restored home.
Stacks Image 87
A view of the retaining wall along the sloped driveway to the underground parking garage.
Stacks Image 520
A view down the slope of the driveway to the basement level parking garage, which contains a car turntable to allow forward approach and forward direction exit.
Stacks Image 755
A view of the south face of the main house, showing a rear addition behind the restored original house.


Stacks Image 3365
A framed view through foyer into living room, looking towards the rear coach house.
Stacks Image 3374
A view of the stair volute detail.
Stacks Image 3383
A view into main living space, which steps down to provide grade level access to the rear yard from the raised first floor of the original house.
Stacks Image 3392
A view into kitchen and dining space, looking through the open terrace doors to the rear outdoor terrace, with the coach house beyond.
Stacks Image 3432
A view of the powder room.
Stacks Image 3441
A view from kitchen into dining space, with the walkout to the rear yard at left.
Stacks Image 3450
A view of the coach house interior.
Stacks Image 3459
A view of the restored feature stair.
Stacks Image 3468
A view of the child's bedroom.
Stacks Image 3477
A view of the child's ensuite bathroom.
Stacks Image 3486
A view of the primary bedroom, on the top floor of the restored house.
Stacks Image 3495
A view of the powder room.
Stacks Image 3401
A view of the spa on the top floor of the house.