Margaret's House opens

Our project for Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services has recently been completed. Since its inception in 1984, Margaret’s has been the leading organization in Toronto providing women suffering from mental illness with safe, dignified, and affordable housing options and other support services open to all. Margaret’s housing initiatives help women to find stable and supportive housing, keeping them off the street and better able to manage their mental health challenges.

Margaret's House in the news

13&15winchester_01On July 15, 2020, The Globe and Mail featured our new supportive housing project, currently under construction, for Margaret’s Housing and Community Support Services, in an article by Vanessa Quon, entitled Mouldering Cabbagetown heritage homes find a higher purpose.

Margaret's House

On October 24th the Minister of Housing for Ontario used our current Margaret’s House site for their announcement of funding for the project. The tender for the project recently closed on budget, and construction will be commencing shortly on this new 35 unit supportive housing project that includes the restoration of four heritage homes.